2 Guys Beard Co Reviews

We can tell you guys all day that we have the best products but unless you've talked to someone that isn't biased you won't really believe us (until you try it).  Here are some actual reviews from our customers!


Travis Beebe - Great? No it's not.. it is perfected. I deal with important people almost daily. While having my own company and maintain a decent looking beard, I hate that other stuff. The one that smells like shoe oil. Or pine trees. These guys have put a beard collection together that actually pairs with my cologne. Matt and Wes, thank you. From one bearded brother to another!


Kyle Heitz - I’ve been using their products for several months. My personal favorite is Beardiful Morning. It has a great smell, which I get several compliments a day on. This product is made with quality ingredients, does a great job and leaves an awesome finish on my beard. And a plus, the guys are solid people and have awesome customer service. I always enjoy talking with them at the farmers market. Highly recommend the product; I don’t order from anywhere else.


James B - Upon opening the bottle The Dapper Man oil, I was welcomed by a unique scent. While hard to describe, it was comforting and masculine. It was a smell I recognized from my youth when I used to go into the local barber shops. The smell lasted throughout the day and I was happy with how the combination of oil and balm made my beard feel. It felt softer and held its shape all day. Overall, an amazing product. Thank you guys!






                        Fred L - I love the smell and feel of it.





Travis W. - There seems to be a new beard product company popping up everyday. I’ve been using 2 Guys for years, and while I have tried others, they have proven to be the best.


Anthony H - Love the beard oil and balm from 2 guys beard company, they are so much better than any other I've tried. The customer service was great as well, over all a great experience.


Anonymous - I am a repeat customer. Beardiful Morning Beard oil is by far the best beard oil on the market. I have had a beard for 30 plus years, tried numerous oils and balms. Finally found one that I truly like. Thanks


Anonymous - I made another purchase with the dudes over at 2 Guys !!! Can’t beat the quick shipping or the incredible products that they carry. We made a game with the kids we let them smell each one and then we picked who we know that has a beard matched what scent :) Giovanni is all of our favorites with polo player just behind. Both are excellent mild scents and perform flawlessly. Maybe a light flavored foam could be y’alls next killer product. Something light and moist for those hot days.

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