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"Brewer's Blend" Beard Oil

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We teamed up with Bentonville Brewing Company to infuse their Centennial and Citrus hops to produce an incredible hoppy scent along with citrus essential oil to create a great aroma.  If you are a IPA enthusiast that loves the smell of Hops then you will LOVE this oil!  As you open the bottle you will smell the wonderful aromas of the Hops and Citrus but as you put on the oil the hop scent will fade some and you will be left with mostly citrus aromas and a little of hops. Our beard oils contain all natural ingredients including carrier oils combined with essential oils that will soften our beards and deliver the oils our skin needs to remain moisturized which will reduce "beardruff" aka dandruff and beard itch.

Size: 1 ounce

Ingedients: Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Hempseed Oil, centennial & citrus hops, citrus essential oil.

 Click here to find out why our beards itch and how beard oil treats it.

How to use:

  • It’s best to apply right after a warm shower but getting your beard wet and drying will work too.
  • Put 2-6 drops (depending on the length of your beard) into your hands and rub your hands together.
  • Rub your hands through your beard starting at the bottom and rubbing in an upward motion allowing the oils to reach the follicles of your beard. (Massaging the oils into your beard will make your beard healthier, softer, and will give it a nice shine.
  • Then rub your beard back down to desired style.

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